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O6 62 62 66 16 Espaceverttravel@gmail.com espaceverttravel@yahoo.com


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Term Of Service

Espace Vert Travel

Term Of Service

Travel & Tourism Agency (Receptive)

The present Special Conditions of Sale are applicable to the sale of all kinds of trips and stays proposed by the agency Espace Vert Travel sarl, Travel and Tourism Agency, located at Mohamed V Mrirt-khénifra-Maroc It brings to the knowledge of the customer before the signature of his contract of sale which it will be able to modify the contents on its various supports and in particular the information relating to the prices, the conditions of cancellations, with the conditions of transport, with the course of the journey or stay and the ‘accommodation.
The signature of the travel contract, indicates that the customer acknowledges having read these Special Conditions of Sale as well as descriptions more specific to the trip chosen via the direct contact of the Travel Agency, via the Site or via the brochures of the Agency, or via the direct contact of the operator in writing.


The registration may be preceded by a quote, or a travel proposal, developed over-measurement according to the customer’s request and whose validity period is indicated on the document itself (by fax or e-mail). The quote does not correspond to the travel contract which is the only document binding Espace Vert Travel, subject to its signature by the customer and the payment of the deposit and the balance. The customer is informed that availability may vary or be exhausted between the quote and the travel contract request.
Any registration form, or Travel Contract, must be completed and signed by the client in
double copy and accompanied by a deposit of 50% of the total amount of the package to be considered valid. The rest must imperatively be paid 32 days before the date of arrival without a reminder of Espace Vert Travel. Otherwise, Espace Vert Travel will treat the booking as canceled by the customer with application of the cancellation schedule (see
Some airlines require full payment of ticket prices 90 days prior to departure. In this case, the amount of the deposit may be 50% and the customer will be informed before registration. On some particularly busy dates (school holidays, Christmas and New Year holidays, parties or important events), the request for down payment may be increased to 50% of the total amount of the trip. The full payment will be made by bank transfer or by express delivery, will be requested from the customer when signing the travel contract Airlines may at any time require the issue or payment in advance without refund of the tickets included in the package. In this case, or if the customer requires the issuance
his / her ticket, the conditions for modifying or canceling the package may be modified.
In the case of group travel at your request, your travel contract may be coupled with one or more others and include a price calculated on the basis of the number of participants in the group. The signatory of each travel contract is informed that the cancellation or modification of his contract may entail, in addition to the application of the cancellation conditions,
consequences on the price to be paid by itself and by the other signatory participants of the travel contracts linked to its own.


he stays are calculated according to the number of nights and our programs do not necessarily correspond to a number of whole days. The international hotel industry requires that rooms be vacated by noon on the day of departure, regardless of the time of departure. Upon check-in, rooms are allocated from 14:00 onwards.
whatever the time of arrival. The number of nights determines an equivalent number of meals according to the type of pension. Because of the schedules imposed by the airlines, the first and last day may be wholly or partly devoted to the transfers and transport. We recommend that you do not consider the departure and arrival days as “useful”. The conditions of charter flights require that the schedules can be communicated to the customer along with the travel book, up to 2 days of departure only, by email or fax. Grouped Individuals Group: Some of our packages are designed to allow the grouping of individual registrations, based on a minimum number of participants before the conclusion of the contract and which may differ depending on the products. The departure of the group is not guaranteed and Espace Vert Travel can cancel the departure at the latest 30 days before (according to the date of the reservation). The participants concerned can either be reimbursed at no cost or choose another stay on which their deposit will refer; in the latter case, a new contract will be signed.


The prices included in our travel contracts were calculated on the basis of the exchange rates, air fares and land services known at the time of signing the contract. They are updated in real time when published on the Site or by direct contact. For air, our prices were calculated on the basis of tariffs attached to certain booking classes, the most economic are not always available. A supplement may be required to access another booking class, depending on the airline’s fares.
For hotel services the rates vary according to the types of rooms, and according to the time of the reservation, and according to the seasons. Between the communication and the reservation of the services the tariff can change.
Revising our prices: any change in exchange rates, carrier rates or mandatory taxes may result in readjustment of published prices. The tariff revision, downward or upward, will be applied by Espace Vert Travel from a variation of more than 3% of the total price of the package, and up to 30 days before departure in the event of an increase,
which the customer will be informed according to our Terms and Conditions. The variation will be passed on the whole part of the price concerned (purchase of services in currency, transport).
Our prices correspond to a fixed price per person, TTC and are denominated in Dirhams Moroccan or Foreign Currency of preferable Euros. They include air, sea and land transport, transfers according to directions, taxes known on the day of registration, fees, accommodation, visits and excursions included in the program and not mentioned as optional , or they do not include air transport, according to the programs. Except for special mention of the travel contract, our prices do not include the costs of obtaining visas and passports,
tips and gratuities, personal expenses and optional baggage insurance, extras, cancellation and assistance.
Land packages (without transport): in case of reservation of land services without air transport, a handling fee of 300 Dirhams per person will be charged and non-refundable in case of cancellation. The content of the land package described in the brochure or on the Site or by mail will be confirmed at the time of registration, in the travel contract.
Last minute registration fee: 400 dirham exchange rate per application, for all bookings within 7 days of departure, subject to availability.
When you benefit from a group rate indicated on each travel contract or group travel contract, the price is calculated on the basis of the initial number of participants. In case of cancellation of one or more members of the group, our tariff conditions may be reviewed to take into account any changes made necessary, due in particular to the new distribution of rooms (additional costs individual rooms), conditions privatization of accommodation or transport, or any modification of any other component of the
package affected by the number of participants. The price list will be indicated in the contract.


More than 60 days before departure, any modification including the assignment of the travel contract will result in the billing of a lump sum of 350 dirhams per person for all trips. Less than 60 days prior to departure, any changes will be considered a cancellation and will result in the application of the deductions schedule in the “Cancellation” section above. In the event of assignment of the contract, the customer is informed that the formalities of change of name with
airlines are equivalent to a cancellation of the reservation and may result in new pricing or face a lack of seats.


Espace Vert Travel communicates to the customer the available information on police regulations, health applicable at any time of the trip. In any case, Espace Vert Travel can not replace the individual responsibility of its customers who must take care of obtaining all the formalities before departure (passport – usually valid for 6 months after the return date of travel -, visa, health certificate, etc.) and for the duration of the trip, including the completion of the customs formalities of the countries regulating the export of objects. Non-compliance with the formalities,
the impossibility of a client to present administrative documents in good standing for any reason resulting in a delay or refusal to board the customer remain the responsibility of the customer who bears the costs incurred. Travelers must approach their consular authority under their responsibility. Under certain conditions,
Espace Vert Travel can complete the visa application process depending on the case and its capacity.
Espace Vert Travel is a travel agency that holds the appropriate legal and administrative authorizations issued by the competent Moroccan authorities, guaranteeing the clients the perfect service. If unforeseen events (meteorological, political, religious, …) or imperative circumstances involving the safety of the traveler impose it, the agency Espace Vert Travel can, before departures or during the stays or the circuits, directly or by l intermediaries, change dates, schedules or planned routes. Because of the special nature of
certain trips, each participant must comply with the advice and instructions given by representatives of Espace Vert Travel or its representatives, who can not be held responsible for incidents, accidents or bodily injuries that may result from a personal initiative of the customer. In any case, Espace Vert Tarvel can not be held responsible for circumstances of force majeure, because of third parties foreign to the provision of services provided for in the contract or improper performance of the contract attributable to the buyer. In accordance with legal provisions, Espace Vert Tarvel communicates to the customer the identity of the actual air carriers selected to make the purchased trips. The
liability and obligations of air carriers for the carriage of passengers and their baggage are regulated in particular by international conventions, the Montreal Convention of 28 May 1999, and the European Regulation 261/2004 of 11 February 2004 relating to denied boarding , cancellations and major flight delays,
the limitations can benefit Tarvel Green Space.
Baggage: any claim in case of loss, theft or damage must be immediately lodged at the airport with the services of the carrier company itself. The luggage remains permanently under the responsibility of the customer who must check the number as well as their loading and unloading at each stage. Some of our itineraries include
constraints of form and weight for your luggage indicated in the data sheets. Loss or theft of personal items: We advise our customers not to carry valuable items during trips or tours of the “adventure” type and to monitor their values ​​and species, which are left under their responsibility. Espace Vert Tarvel can not, under any circumstances, be held responsible for the loss or theft of objects that have remained in the custody of customers


The customer who has comments or claims to formulate must report no later than 14 days after his return any non-performance or poor performance of the travel contract by registered mail with return receipt, accompanied by the appropriate supporting documents. After this period, Espace Vert Travel will not consider any claim.
If the services do not correspond to the description on our website or according to the program, or if there is a major defect, you are required to contact the travel guide, our local guide, our driver or our correspondent whose contacts you are given with your travel documents, failing this to the service provider, asking him to remedy the problem. If your intervention does not provide a solution, you must require a written document from the travel agent or service provider in question, confirming the content of your complaint. Your claim or, if applicable, the claim for damages must be sent in writing no later than two weeks after the end of the trip. For the title of the transport, Espace Vert Travel is only an intermediary between the company and the
As a client, the agency is required to help the client regain his rights with the companies according to his capacity and according to his weight.
In the event of cancellation of the flight or postponement of the departure or change of the schedule the company, the latter is the only responsible to give a continuation to the customer. In this case, the claim will be sent to the company directly by the customer.


The cancellation by the traveler of his registration must be made by registered letter and will incur cancellation fees according to the following general conditions:
– 45 days or more before the date of your arrival: 300 dirhams
– Less than 45 days from the date of arrival: 15% of the cost
– Between 44 and 30 days before the date of your arrival: 20% of the cost
– Between 29 and 10 days before the date of your arrival: 50% of the cost
– Between 09 days and 01 day of the date of your arrival: 100% of the cost
– For high season departures, cancellation fees are 100% within 35 days of departure.
– In the event of imperative ticket issuance at the time of booking, on certain dates, in case of cruise included in the package, or for certain hotels or lodges and recalled on the travel contract, cancellation fees may vary and will be indicated to the customer before booking and according to the conditions imposed by each supplier. Espace Vert Travel gives the customer at the time of registration the optional cancellation conditions, which cover certain justified cases of cancellation (including illness, accident, death, etc.). For the Grouped Individual Groups: the cancellation will result in 100% Fees within 35 days of departure.
Whatever the type of services, no reimbursement will be made by Espace Vert Travel in the event of non-presentation of the customer on the scheduled day, no consumption of a service or abandonment of the current trip decided by the customer after the start of his trip and for whatever reason.
In the case of a group registration on the same travel contract, the cancellation of only one of the participants may lead to a readjustment of the basic price initially fixed according to the number of participants. In this case, the cancellation fee will be applied to the travel contract regardless of the author of the payment.
If the political situation of a country is officially recognized as the trip is planned, does not allow the progress of this trip, the sums paid will be transferred to another destination of your choice provided it is programmed by Espace Vert Travel , or postpone the dates of the trip.
Any cancellation of a ticket or stay by the customer automatically entails the refund, if applicable, according to the cancellation conditions of each company. Low cost airlines do not qualify for any refund if the customer has not used his transport ticket in this case the agency is not responsible for an unused ticket.
In case of modification by the customer the fees will be applied according to the conditions.


The contract must be written on the basis of a written support, bearing the business name, the address and the indication of the administrative authorization of exercise the trade of travel agent, the latter must communicate to the consumer the information on the prices, dates and other elements of the services provided during the trip or stay such as:
The contract between the seller and the buyer must be in writing, in two copies, one of which is given to the buyer, and signed by both parties. It must contain the following clauses:
1-The name and address of the seller, its guarantor and insurer and the name and address of the organizer;
2- The destination or destinations of the trip and, in the case of a split stay, the different periods and their dates;
3- The means, characteristics and categories of transport used, dates, times and places of departure and return;
4- The type of accommodation, its location, its level of comfort and its main characteristics, its tourist classification according to the regulations or customs of the host country;
5- The number of meals provided;
6- The itinerary when it is a circuit;
7- Visits, excursions or other services included in the total price of the trip or stay;
8- The total price of the services invoiced as well as the indication of any possible revision of this invoicing under the provisions
9- The indication, if any, of the fees or taxes relating to certain services such as landing, landing or embarkation fees in ports and airports, tourist taxes when they are not included in the price of the services provided;
10- The schedule and the terms of payment of the prize; in any case the last payment made by the buyer of the price of the trip or stay and must be made when handing over the documents enabling the journey or stay;
11- The special conditions requested by the buyer and accepted by the seller;
12- The terms according to which the buyer can seize the seller of a claim for non-performance or bad execution of the contract, claim which must be sent as soon as possible, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the seller, and reported in writing, possibly to the travel organizer and the service provider concerned; complaint must be sent as soon as possible, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the seller, and reported in writing, possibly, to the organizer of the trip and the service provider concerned;
13- The deadline of information of the buyer in case of cancellation of the trip or the stay by the salesman in the case where the realization of the journey or the stay is linked to a minimal number of participants.
14- Cancellation conditions of a contractual nature;
15- The cancellation conditions provided.
16- Details of the risks covered and the amount of the guarantees under the insurance contract covering the consequences of the seller’s professional liability;
17- Information concerning the insurance contract covering the consequences of certain cases of cancellation subscribed by the buyer (policy number and name of the insurer), as well as those concerning the assistance contract covering certain risks
particular, including repatriation costs in case of accident or illness; in this case, the seller must give the buyer a document specifying at least the risks covered and the risks excluded;
18- The deadline for informing the seller in the event of assignment of the contract by the buyer of the call making it possible to establish an urgent contact with the seller;
19- The commitment to provide, in writing, to the buyer, at least 10 days before the planned date of his departure, the following information:
a- the name, address and telephone number of the local representation of the seller or, failing that, the names, addresses and telephone numbers of local bodies likely to assist the consumer in the event of difficulty, or, failing that, , the number
b- For trips and stays of minors abroad, a telephone number and an address allowing to establish a direct contact with the child or the person in charge of his stay.
20- The clause of cancellation and refund without penalties of the sums paid by the buyer in case of non-compliance with the obligation of information.


1-Espace Vert Travel will not be held responsible for incidents beyond its control such as: delays, breakdowns, loss of luggage, or other. The agency will not assume any responsibility due of a delay, suspension of flight by the airline, or a missed correspondence as well as the consequences which could result from it, like the possible expenses of taxi, parking, they will be at the charge of the traveler.
2-If for reasons beyond our control the service establishments described in our closures, or communicated by our correspondents could not be honored for any reason, Espace Vert Travel reserves the right to stay in similar hotels with the same conditions .
3-Espace Vert Travel is responsible for the proper execution of the travel contract. As he reserves the right to make adjustments to the courses, to modify or cancel any circuit before departure. A cancellation of the circuit puts the Agency in the obligation to offer you a similar alternative depending on availability. Espace Vert Travel acts as an intermediary between you and other service providers.
This explains why the agency does not have a direct control over these organizations, and it deals with all claims that fall under its responsibility.
4-Espace Vert Travel have not engaged in the event of a strike, coup d’etat, exceptional measures taken by a government, the delay due to a third party, and will not be liable to customers for any damage harm; expenses, illness, accidents, deaths … during the trip.
5-All information contained in our programs, flyers, pamphlets leaflets, electronic pages, or communicated by the technical support are drawn from better sources and data in good faith, but at the same time they are provided for information only at a time given and can not in any way engage the responsibility of the agency.
The schedules and routes mentioned in the program are subject to change are notice.

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